TV Series | Season 3


Andie (McAllister) is undateable — thanks to her older brother Alec (Paul), the most popular guy in high school, who makes sure no guy comes near her. Fortunately, Andie has her three best friends to help her shake the little sister stigma; Dakota (Thompson), Courtney (Falcone), & Mae (Sherer). These four very different personalities help each other navigate the hormone-induced, angst-filled sea that is high school summer vacation.


Suzi Yoonessi, Bennet Silverman, Selyna Warren, Marissa Read, Parker Seaman, & Evan Scott


Awesomeness TV


Scott Levine, Brin Lukens, Sev Ohanian, Selyna Warren, Marissa Read, and Kaylene Carlson


Logan Paul, Jen McAllister, Rickey Thompson, Meghan Falcone, Monica Sherer, & Sarah Yarkin